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Antonios Aires, Portugal

António Manuel Pinto Aires, Portugal

Making preparations for the Moving Europeans exhibit requires a lot of artistic skills and competance. Many professional artists are working together with students, guiding and helping them to find artistic ways of expressing hospitality and love, religion and death. YAM will present all of the artists involved in this process. Our first artist is Antonio Aires from Lisboa, capital of Portugal.

António Manuel Pinto Aires is 57 years old with a degree in Architecture. Besides being a freelance photographer and graphic designer, Antonio has been working as a teacher of Arts and Design for the past twenty years. He is distinguished in national contests of posters and photography. He has also been the art director of several publications and published his own photography book Momentos Sublimes.


Antonio Aires is now assisting students at Escola Secundaria Sebastiao e Silva in OEIRAS, a neighbouring municipality to Lisbon, preparing for the Moving European exhibition.

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Hey i stumbled on ur web site and im happy i did :) im a student in community welfar and we are doing cultral diversity. I have had some experance with diffrent culture and love it. Im looking for information on when indians 1st came to aust? iv been looking all morningand comming up with ablank. also are u guys and gals from Aust or based some were else? it would be handy to have this information on the program to teach ppl about diffrent cultres and migration.Could Tafe and other orginsatoins use the basic informaton you have for training perpouses? Im 23 and help alot of ppl. I was in india 2005- 2006 on missoin work and i loved it. we seen it all and wer not shelted from the culture which i must admitt i feel in love with. i would love to find out more on ur site if able. sorry for the bad spelling and chat soon


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