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Norwegian Migration History

This overview of the Norwegian migration history is being revised. 

An Introduction

From 1820 to 1925 close to 50 million people emigrated from Europe to other continents, mainly to distant overseas countries. Most of them had the United States as their first choice. Being the great magnet, the United States attracted no less than 34 million Europeans. More than
5, 9 million were Germans, 4,5 million came from Ireland. The Scandinavian countries counted more than 2,1 million. 860,000 of them came from Norway. The majority of emigrants left Europe in the course of the seventy years from about 1846 to World War I.Not all of them emigrated to America. Some took the long journey to Canada, or more exotic destinations like South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Others settled in Asian Russia. In 1900 close to 33 percent of the world population of 1,5 billion people were Europeans.

The Sloopers
The first organized Norwegian emigration to America took place on 4 July 1825, when 52 people from the Stavanger-region embarked the sloop "Restauration" heading for New York. They were mostly farmers from the district of Rogaland with strong ties to the Quaker and Hauge movement. Both were in opposition to the authorities and the Norwegian Lutheran State Church, and sought religious freedom and the right of lay people to preach the Word of God.

Cleng Peerson
Cleng Peerson from Tysvær in Rogaland county is often referred to as father of Norwegian emigration to America. He was the one the Stavanger Quakers in 1821 sent to America to investigate the conditions over there. Cleng Peerson returned to Norway alone in the summer of 1824 and reported favorably on his findings. He went back to prepare for the arrival of the Norwegian dissenters, and welcomed them as they arrived New York harbor on October 9, 1825.

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